SFT Expert Rifle Shooting (ERS)

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ERS is a 3 hour course for shooters who excel at this craft. ERS focuses on precision shooting at a variety of targets, and shooting from the standing, kneeling, and prone position. Students will also practice shooting at various rates of fire, to simulate different circumstances in combat. Students cycle through various advanced rifles, optics, & accessories; familiarizing them with military grade equipment being used in real life conflicts across the globe, proven on the battle field. Course includes 50 rounds, but student must bring at least 200 rounds or purchase some from SFT, to get full value of the course. ERS unlocks all .50BMG caliber rifles and below. If in a group, only 1 shooter needs to purchase this course to provide access of firearms to the rest of the group.

Prerequisites – SFT ARS or Equivalent Training

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