SFT Combat Fitness

Our Physical Fitness program is unique, we don’t partake in the typical inside the gym boring routine. Our program is inspired by military doctrine and strictly based on calisthenics, outdoor activities, sports, & self defense exercises. We do not “pick things up & put them down”. We focus on exploring & interacting with the world around us. Our training philosophy is that living a healthy lifestyle & staying in shape, shouldn’t be a chore; It should be a way of life. Fun & physically challenging moments to be shared with your friends & family, creating lasting memories. So instead of using that stationary machine at the gym, come join us on our mats & outside. Join us in biking through the city, an arboretum, or a mountain path. Join us in rollerblading by the beach or lake. Come play basketball, football, soccer, or anything else you want with us. That’s the difference between us, & the gym membership you never use past your new year’s resolution phase.

Our workouts entail stretching, warm ups, push ups, pull ups, sit ups, dips, running (2/5/10/20 mile runs), sprints, jump roping, biking, roller blading, etc. Anything & everything, but boring! Give up starving yourself & horrible diets, diet pills, weight loss patches/wraps, nasty meal replacement shakes, ideas of dangerous surgeries, etc. (Deep down, we both know they don’t work). There are no shortcuts, no easy paths to our physical fitness. Only hard work, teamwork, determination, motivation, & vigilance will get us through our challenges & to our goals. Many hands & many hearts, make light work. So if you are serious about changing your lifestyle being all around fit, challenging yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually; our program is right for you. **Price per session NOT person, 3 pple can split the cost of $40**

Prerequisites – High level of motivation!

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Bring family, friends, and co-workers to get more value out of your class. Get a group of 10 or more and we’ll hold a private course at your location, (work place, school, VFW, church, parties, event hall, clubs). Women only and unique group classes available. **Military, EMT, Fire, <18yrs = 15% off**

$80 for 2 Hour Private Lesson