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Hi, thanks for your interest in becoming an NRA Firearms Instructor. My name is Pierre Salomon, your Training Counselor (TC), and will be conducting your upcoming course. This passage serves to answer any questions you may have beforehand. To become an NRA Instructor, you must first be certified in the same discipline as a student. In addition to the basic NRA student certifications; you must be experienced, knowledgeable, and competent in safety and the use of a variety of firearm platforms.

Based on the firearm discipline you’re interested in, you must have a mastery of single & double action revolvers, semi-automatic pistols,  break/pump/semi-automatic shotguns, or bolt/lever/ semi-automatic rifles. If you have not yet achieved this, please contact SFT to schedule you in for a private class before your instructor course. Lastly, you must be a member of the NRA, to be an Instructor. To join the NRA or extend your expiring membership, click on this link for discounted rates. https://membership.nrahq.org/forms/signup.asp?campaignid=XI029484

You are required to fill out the NRA Instructor Training Program Pre-Course Questionnaire and email proof of all your firearms certifications/training, prior to attending your NRA Instructor course. If you are qualified to be an Instructor Candidate (IC), you will be invited to take the course.

Participation as an “Instructor Candidate” in the course does not guarantee instructor certification in the discipline. IC must be able to perform each objective listed on the NRA Instructor Training Program Pre-Course Assessment/Qualification. I have opted out to give the assessment at the end of the course, as it will maximize an IC performance during this practical examination. It is not our goal nor desire to fail any IC, but the NRA has set strict standards, and they must all be met to receive instructor ratings.

NRA Instructor Courses teaches the knowledge, skills, & attitude essential in organizing, promoting, and teaching firearm safety courses. NRA Instructor Courses are presented in two parts: Basic Instructor Training (BIT) which is 6 hours and discipline specific instructor training which is X hours (time varies per discipline). BIT covers NRA policies & procedures, basic public speaking skills, training methodology, use of a training team, training aids, organizing a course, budgeting, and finally preparing to teach.   *PLEASE NOTE THAT THE TIMES SPECIFIED FOR THE NRA INSTRUCTOR COURSES DO NOT INCLUDE THE PRE-COURSE ASSESSMENT QUALIFICATION & SHOOTING QUALIFICATION EXERCISES. IC MUST COME ON AN ADDITIONAL/DIFFERENT DAY TO CONDUCT THE SHOOTING & PRACTICAL EXAMS.*

Various firearm actions & platforms included in training that you will be working with are: FNH Scar MK17, Tavor B18RS, AK47, AR-15 Rifle, Ruger 10/22, Savage Mark 2 .22, Henry G.B. lever action .22, Stevens 555 break action shotgun, Mossberg 930 semiautomatic shotgun, Mossberg 88 pump action shotgun, Glock .40, M&P .40, 1911, M9 Beretta, RugerSR .22, Ruger Mark III, Ruger GP-100 & Single Six Revolvers.

Reminder, NRA Instructor courses are not designed to teach you the basics & fundamentals of shooting and other general information. It is not our job to teach you how to safely/properly operate various firearm platforms or learn how to shoot, in an instructor level course. If you need additional training to prepare you for your NRA Instructor Course, please contact SFT to schedule you in for a private class.

IC demonstrate organizational & teaching skills via participation in practical exercises during the course, complete 2 instructor written examinations, and complete an instructor shooting exam. IC will receive the NRA Trainer’s Guide, IC packet which includes lesson plans that help prepare you to teach, and respective student packet. IC must bring the following to class: Government issued ID, LTC, Notebook, Pen, Highlighter, 16 GB Flash Drive, Two 2” three-ring binder, 10 Sheets of document protectors, NRA Student Handbook, 1 Blank Firearm Training Budget Worksheet, 2 Instructor Pre-Course Assessments/Qualifications, and at least 10 copies of each IC Shooting Qualification Targets. Lastly, IC must bring “respectively” a PISTOL/RIFLE/SHOTGUN of their choice, of any action, sights, or caliber, and 200 respective rounds (Specific firearm depends on which course discipline you are taking). IC may also use/buy products from SFT as an alternative.

All stated documents are attached to your introductory email when you register for your course and at the following link, so there are no surprises on what you will be tested on. www.dropbox.com/sh/5kvtq2o7oqx0ure/AAApFjtgZ66UxBElHrk7Obzla?dl=0 I advise you to examine the documents thoroughly and conduct the respective training, to best prepare for & successfully complete the course. You have been given all the information you need to succeed; so I expect you to do well 🙂 If you conduct the respective training and achieve less than desired results, please sign up for a private class at SFT to get you up to speed on the required skills, to ensure that you successfully pass the course.

Once everyone from the class has successfully completed the requirements, the course report will be submitted to the NRA database. It will take 48hrs for your credentials to show up online, then you have to pay the NRA a $30 fee for your new instructor rating. Once paid, you will officially be an NRA Instructor in the discipline you took.

You can teach courses with just your NRA certification as an individual or a corporation, but if you want your students to be able to apply for their LTC & FIDC in MA with your training, then you must become a “MA State Police Certified Basic Firearms Safety Instructor” (BFSI), costing $50. You can pick up an application and/or contact them at the following: MA State Police, Firearms Licensing, 470 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA, 01702, Firearms.licensing@massmail.state.ma.us. Once you receive your BFS number from the State Police, you’re authorized to teach and certify “MA State Police Approved Classes”. More information can be found on the state website here www.mass.gov/firearms-services The MA BFS Instructor certification is valid for 10 years.

The NRA Instructor certification is good for 2 years and is renewable without further training, at the cost of $30 for every 2 year period. The NRA Instructor certification is valid nationwide and is even recognized internationally. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact SFT at info@SalomonFirearms.com, or 857-523-0776. Thank you for your interest in becoming an NRA Instructor, we look forward to training with you soon.