Thank you for your interest in employment with Overwatch Security, LLC (OS). My name is Pierre Salomon, Founder & CEO of OS and Salomon Firearms Training, LLC (SFT). This passage serves to explain our hiring process and answer questions you may have. OS is always receiving and pursuing additional security contracts, and needs a pool of highly trained individuals ready to fulfill contracts as they quickly arise. We continuously prepare to meet the immediate demands of those requiring our highly honed skills and expertise. So in order to fulfill new security requests, we are looking to train additional personnel to supplement our current workforce.

POSITIONS AVAILABLEOS has Unarmed and Armed positions available, with 3 tiers to each security level. Unarmed details pay $15 - $18/hr and Armed details pay $18 - $20/hr. You must be at least 21 years old and have an LTC Class A “Unrestricted” or “For Employment”, to work armed details. If you currently do not possess a MA gun permit, you will work unarmed details until you obtain an LTC. Merits of your resume such as military service, EMT/Fire/LE work, education level, fluency in multiple languages, & other qualifications/experience, can earn you higher pay.


PROFESSIONALISM: OS operates at a high professional level, making employees’ education and safety our top priority. We are not your typical security company; where leadership are not qualified experts, guards are not trained, and awful company policies compromise and jeopardize officers’ safety. OS is structured, have well developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), and strict training standards/qualification requirements that include written, practical, and shooting exams, to ensure the safety of the security officer and the clients we are entrusted to protect. Your safety is our primary concern.

There are various trainings you must complete in order to be employed by OS. Regardless of which position applied for or previous experience, every candidate will be trained to the same standards, “dress right dress”. All candidates MUST attend and pass the respective sections of the Armed Security Officer Academy, to ensure they are well prepared and qualified for positions, as security work is INHERENTLY DANGEROUS!!!   NO EXCEPTIONS. OS will NOT employ anyone that does not go through our ASO Academy. You must be willing and prepared to invest in yourself, to acquire and develop the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to be safe and successful in the security profession.

The ASO Academy consists of 9 classes, totaling 76 hours of classroom and range time. At a minimum, you must complete and pass the first 4 classes required for “Unarmed Level 1” (30 Hours), to be eligible for work. Higher Security Levels offer higher pay and more details. In short, Unarmed Level 1 courses + passing OS written and practical exams + final review/interview = Guaranteed Offer of Employment.


ARMED SECURITY OFFICER (ASO) ACADEMY: Your job title will be “Armed Security Officer” or “ASO” for short. Every employee must apply for their LTC and qualify with a firearm, regardless of position. If you already have an LTC, you MUST still attend the ASO Academy. NO EXCEPTIONS. Our sister company SFT provides all courses required by OS. We will walk you through the whole process of getting the NRA and MA State Police certificates needed to apply for your LTC. Issue necessary letters of recommendation and employment needed to upgrade your current restricted LTC. Educate you on responsible gun ownership, establish proficiency in firearms/pepper spray/self-defense, and mastery of all the related tools/accessories. In doing so, you will be qualified for the highest paying details in the industry.


OS IDENTITY & PHILOSOPHY: Through our extensive experience, we’ve learned that having a piece of paper/card, does not mean a person is knowledgeable, competent, and proficient in their skills. We’ve encountered numerous candidates that sorely underperformed, due to their lack of knowledge, skills, and attitude for firearms safety and security operations. Poor safety discipline and incompetence is not accepted at OS, hence our extreme emphasis on training and developing quality ASOs. OS meets & exceeds industry standards, allowing us to be exceptionally competitive in the market.

OS is looking to hire like-minded individuals who share our values of integrity, honesty, strong work ethic, excellence, duty, selfless service, continuous self-improvement, personal courage, loyalty, teamwork, and the desire to be the best version of themselves. We understand that our company philosophy and model is not for everyone, and that is ok. You must be willing to invest in yourself and build a competitive resume, to get the experience needed to excel in the security profession. So instead of denying applicants because they don’t meet certain standards/requirements, like other companies do. OS trains, builds, grooms, and promotes in-house, for current and future leadership positions. OS & SFT PROVIDE THE CONVENIENCE OF QUALITY TRAINING AND EMPLOYMENT, IN ONE PROCESS.


GET STARTED TODAY: Book your first class today by sending us your full name, email, phone number, and home address, to receive an invoice and secure your spot. Military, EMT, Fire, get 15% off courses. Please bring the following to class: Government issued ID, resume, pen, & notebook. Attire is business casual, but bring a pair of sneakers/boots for the range. Classes are located at HQ (310 Wilbur Ave, Swansea, MA, 02777).

Attached below are the SFT ASO Academy Curriculum and OS Levels of Security. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, but please take the time to thoroughly read everything. Thank you for choosing Overwatch Security, we look forward to working with you soon.