Overwatch Security, LLC (OS) was founded to address the dire need in the security industry: professional, well-trained, and reliable security officers with real world experience. OS provides premiere Unarmed, Armed, Military Grade/Executive Protection, Transportation, Travel, & Consulting services; to individuals, groups, small businesses, large corporate entities, universities, foreign dignitaries, local politicians, celebrities, and athletes. OS accepts all details; whether emergency based, special event based, on call, part-time, full-time, weekends, or overnight. We’ll cover your detail whether it’s a small corner store/gas station, high end retail store, construction site, multi building corporate complex, or a VIP in need of serious transportation & travel security services. We provide both a wide variety of uniformed & covert security officers, as well as marked & unmarked security vehicles.


SERVICES PROVIDED: Services provided: Armed Security Officers qualified on various primary & secondary firearm systems (Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns), Building Management (Access Control & Surveillance), Armed Escorts (Bank Runs & Cash Deposits), Vehicle & Foot Patrols, Transportation (Airport pick up/drop off & Travel Security), and Consultation (Security Risk Assessments).


EMPLOYEE TRAINING: OS operates at a high professional level, puts employees’ education and safety as our primary concern, and exceed industry standards.We are structured, have well developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), strict training standards, and qualification requirements that include written, practical, and shooting exams. Our training is designed to train our security officers for stress and difficult real life situations. We go to this great length to ensure the safety of our guards, so they are well prepared and qualified for security positions, as it is inherently dangerous work.

All OS employees complete the Armed Security Officer (ASO)Academy prior to employment, regardless of which position  applied for or their previous experience. Every employee is trained to the same standards, “dress right dress”. Our ASO Academy consist of 76 hours of classroom and range time. Employees also receive additional company specific training, regarding our policies, procedures, and standards. Safety discipline and competence is of upmost importance, hence our extreme emphasis on training and developing quality ASOs.


ASO ACADEMY CURRICULUM: Home Firearm Safety, Basics of Pistol Shooting, Basic Rifle Shooting, Basic Shotgun Shooting, Pepper Spray, Hand-To-Hand Combat, Defensive Tactics,Personal Protection In The Home, Personal Protection Outside The Home, Active Shooter Training. Safe, Responsible, and Ethical Use of A Firearm In Self-Defense. Use of Force Continuum, Lawful Use of Deadly Force (Castle Doctrine, Duty To Retreat, Stand Your Ground), Exercising Mature And Legal Judgement, Deescalating A Situation, Resolving Issues At The Lowest Level Possible, Mental Preparation, Levels of Awareness, Hard Vs. Soft Targets, Techniques For Responding To And Controlling Dangerous Life Threatening Situations, Strategies To Keep Clients Safe, Psychological Reactions (Fight, Flight, Freeze, Posture, Submit), Physiological Reactions (Loss of Fine Motor Skills, Tunnel Vision, Auditory Exclusion, Time Dilation, Adrenaline Rush), Never Give Up Mindset, Mental/Emotional/Legal Aftermath of A Defensive Shooting (Civil Vs. Criminal Vs. Social Consequences), and MA Firearm Laws.


WE COVER IN DETAIL: Safe Handling of Firearms, Responsible Ownership, Firearm Parts & Operations, Ammunition Components, Loading & Unloading, Stoppages & Malfunctions (Failure To Feed, Double Feed, Stove Pipe), Disassembly & Reassembly, Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance, Proper Storage, Fundamentals of Firearm Shooting (Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Breath Control, Hold Control, Trigger Control/Reset, Follow Through, Stance), Advanced Defensive Shooting Skills & Techniques, Optics, Grouping & Zeroing Shot Groups, Adjusting Sights, Principles of Carrying A Concealed Firearm (Concealment, Access, Retention, Comfort), Types & Pros/Cons of Holsters/Vests/Jackets, Levels of Retention, Safely Drawing/Presenting Firearms, Speed & Tactical Reloading, Clearing Stoppages & Malfunctions, Shooting From Standing/Sitting/Kneeling Positions, Engaging Multiple Violent Assailants, Shooting Strong And Support Hand Only, Point Shooting, Hip Fire, Cover & Concealment, Moving To & Shooting Behind Low/High Barricades, Turning Left/Right & 90/180 Degrees To Target, Moving Forward/Rearward.


SECURITY UNIFORMS: ASOs can work security details in any attire desired by the client. Featured Uniforms – Standard Dress Security Uniform, Business Attire, Plain Clothes (Polo Shirt, Tactical Pants, Tan/Black Boots), Tactical Security Uniform, Camouflaged Combat Uniform, Client Requested Attire.


A basic level of support, our guards will ensure order and safety at your location. We are always professional.


Whether you are protecting valuable people, goods, or property, let us send you our finest. Our guards are trained to the highest degree, in order to ensure your safety & security.


For the VIP occasion, we will provide you with our very best, military/LE trained personnel.


Unsure of your security needs at your business, organization, or home? Contact us today for a consultation to ensure your assets are properly protected. Think of us for all your security needs.