As a black man/immigrant who owns a firearm training & security company, I cannot honestly run them without being aware that I’m 1 of very few in this industry, and without acknowledging the negative stereotypes that comes with people of color and firearms. African Americans among other minorities are overwhelmingly portrayed by the media only as dangerous gun toting gangbangers/criminals, who pose a grave threat to “civilized society”. Minorities are often cited simultaneously/interchangeably with terms such as “inner city violence”, “gang violence”, “black on black crime”, etc. This wildly distorting bias in terminology is much exaggerated & detrimental to our community. The lingering myth of the “black super predator” coupled with things like “stop & frisk” are just a few of many examples, where immoral politicians intentionally use stereotypes to create policies that undermine our livelihood & quality of life. By publicly writing this, I am challenging the status quo perpetuated by the media head on, and strive to eventually end these stereotypes, that often cost us our lives. I am determined to increase the black community’s participation in exercising & defending our 2A rights. We must maximize the legal paths for our people to safely learn & use firearms, to negate the lures of deviant means, and end the stigma with guns. If we do not highlight a clear path to be a law-abiding gun owner, how can we expect us to be anything but, the negative self-fulfilling prophecy?  Incorporating those of color into the natural images that come to mind of “those who legally carry”, will not only help the African American community & save lives, but it will also strengthen gun owners overall.

SFT wants to change & redefine the way our black community think, talk, and interact with firearms. We want to end the era where little 12 year old black boys get murdered under two seconds in a park, because they were quickly deemed to be a threat. We want to end the times where black men get murdered in a walmart, simply for holding a toy BB gun being sold off the shelves. WE, need to end this period of time, where our people’s character get murdered, long before we do. We need to prevent and change these tragic stories that are taking place in our communities. This change, needs to start from within. We need to hold ourselves accountable, just as much as we hold others, if not more so. While we often suffer unjustly at the hands of others, we also suffer from our own. Some of our cities experience hundreds of murders & thousands of shooting incidents every year, where both the victims & perpetrators, are our little brothers and sisters. We cannot allow this to continue. The time for realistic, effective, educational, and transformative action is now. While few in our community may argue that firearms education is not the solution we need, but instead total prohibition, it is clearly evident that their current anti-gun sentiments are not working. We must educate, train, and connect our communities with legal firearms training resources, to rise above our challenges. Any initiatives lacking such elements, will never be successful solutions.

There is much room for improvement in regards to awareness, education, training, cohesion, professionalism, and resources. SFT will work hard to end the misconceptions of firearms, and who their “legal” owners are. We believe everyone should be afforded equal access & opportunities to learn about firearms, legally train with them, and responsibly own them. So SFT will set the example/standard by providing quality training & service to all people. By incorporating all members of our society regardless of race, age, social class, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or political affiliation, we will eliminate the divisive misrepresentations ignorant politicians use to take away our 2A rights, and undercut our communities. SFT stands as a good role model for our community, and to inspire our young children to be great.

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SFT wants to build Massachusetts’ first Veteran owned, Black owned, Immigrant owned, and LARGEST Indoor & Outdoor Range. This will be a state of the art facility specifically built for our Local Neighborhoods, NRA Instructors, Military, Law Enforcement, & Armed Security Communities. Our range’s foundation and training philosophy is designed to specifically combat the anti-2A forces & culture here, ironically located in freedom’s birthplace. Our range will be open to the public to educate & train the masses, have sections specifically catered for organizations requiring the privacy to conduct tactical training, have long distance indoor & outdoor ranges capable of  withstanding .50BMG, have trap & skeet, and host/promote advanced trainings & techniques (Shoot from the standing/kneeling/prone positions, Drawing from holster, Hip firing, Point shooting, Rapid fire, Shoot moving targets of various sizes/angles/height, Reflexive fire, Simunition, Chemical munitions, Room breeching & clearing, and vehicle/convoy operations.

We understand this is a huge goal, but it is surely achievable through community, team work, and dedication to the 2A. SFT’s range is exactly what we all have been looking for in MA, and the east coast in general. It is the answer to the broken 2A community here. Most ranges in MA are closed to the public, don’t allow outside instructors to bring/teach students at their facility, and have range rules that prohibit members from seeking & conducting advanced training. We spend all our time being divisive/competitive and preaching to the choir; instead of engaging with those on the fence, willing to educate themselves on the 2A. This current system, mindset, & network is fundamentally flawed, cost us dearly in the form of Healey Hitler. We came together on 7/21/16 & 7/23/16 at the State House Rally in Boston to combat healey’s treason, but it was far too late, as the anti-2A wheels in MA have long been in motion. We’ve all bitched & moaned on FB and other online groups about how much it sucks to be a gun owner here in mass. Well here’s your chance to make a difference & change that. No matter how small your donation is, it brings us one step closer to having freedom back in the birthplace of America. We may have lost the battle on 7/20/16, but surely not the war.

By pooling our energies, resources, and commitment to the 2A together, we can have the 2A structure & network we have long desired here in MA. SFT will not run away to NH or down south. We will stand up to tyranny, look it in the eye, tell it to go f*ck itself, and fight the good fight. There are many battlefronts to this 2A war, and this is the hill SFT has decided to take. So hear our call patriots, and rally to our battle cry. The British are not coming, tyranny is not on its way. Tyranny is here. Tyranny is hurting families. Tyranny is dragging us back to 1776. What are you going to do about it..? We say, to the harbor with the treasonous tea drinking lot!

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This initiative is about educating and training People of Color & Urban Communities on their 2nd Amendment rights, bonding, and teaching life skills through this avenue. SFT would like to connect with schools k-12, colleges/universities, businesses, community organizations, non-profits, LE agencies, and professional organizations around the nation; to provide free/discounted firearms training, personal growth training, and professional development training, to as many citizens in our communities as possible. The purpose of these trainings is to educate our citizens on the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for the safe handling of firearms & ammunition in the home, and the responsible ownership of such. In addition, trainings will help our community understand how these knowledge, skills, and attitude are connected to and directly intertwined with the social, economical, and political aspects of our lives.

The firearms courses taught in this program cover the NRA & local 2A organizations, safety rules & procedures, firearm components, loading & unloading, malfunctions, cartridge components, assembly & disassembly, firearms maintenance, responsible ownership, child/family safety, proper storage & transportation of firearms/ammunition, range rules & regulations, wildlife survival skills, and MA laws regulating firearms. Firearms included in these trainings are, semiautomatic pistols, single action & double action revolvers, shotguns, & bolt/lever/bullpup action rifles. Caliber sizes range from .22 – 7.62. Courses provide certificates to apply for LTC/FID Card.

Our personal growth & professional development training consists of discussions on: self-exploration/identity, personal strengths & weaknesses, positive attitudes, good habits, emotional & mental maturity, sheep mentality, critical thinking, value systems, personal courage, acceptance, coping skills, survival mentality, adapting & overcoming obstacles, individual accountability, social responsibility, civics, goal setting, respect, problem solving, conflict resolution, consequences of violence, compromising, communication skills, making excuses, peer/societal pressure, interactions & relationship with LE, community mindset, team work, commitment to excellence, black history, entrepreneurship, consumer & producer mentalities, business management, public speaking, time management, taking notes, higher education, funding higher Ed, self-teaching, power of reading & writing, travelling, finding & connecting to resources, networking, resume building, internships, job finding, good work ethic, career development, personal finances, assets & liabilities, budgeting, money management, credit scores, taking a loan, avoiding debt, economics, early licensing, buying a car, investing, property ownership, taxes, managing relationships, and growing through life.

For those who are well informed on the topic, we have the responsibility to get our brothers & sisters up to speed, dispel the myths that have been carefully constructed to make us fear the 2A, and combat the redlining that has been explicitly designed to prevent & marginalize our exercise of the 2A. In conjunction, our communities must take the time to come out, support, and capitalize on these opportunities to learn about & exercise their 2A rights. A right not exercised, is a right lost. Through our ancestry & history, our people have EARNED every single damn right our country has to offer. But Black/Urban Communities are often left out of the 2A conversation, and often identify with Democratic politicians whom seek to keep us uneducated & unarmed, in regards to the 2A. We need to redefine the concept of what it means to be a democrat.

 As Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter put it during our seminar, “if I can’t bring my gun inside your store, then I can’t bring my dollars neither”. BLACK/URBAN COMMUNITIES: YOUR COLLECTIVE MONEY IS A HUGE FORCE!! Don’t spend against your interests. Same thing goes for your VOTE! If a politician wants your vote, then they have to EARN it by listening and adhering to your community’s needs, values, and desires. For too long have our people been marginalized, given extensive waiting periods for LTC interview, given restricted LTCs, or denied our 2A rights, simply because we live in an urban setting. If we want to change our situation, it must start & change from within. We must educate ourselves & our peers, and hold the local politicians who embody us, accountable to accurately represent our Community. And if they don’t, then we need to be politically active, to ensure that they are 1 term politicians. Driving is a privilege. The 2nd Amendment is a RIGHT! A right that will be infringed no more! Join our SFT Multicultural 2A Community to stay connected, and contact us to learn how to make a difference and schedule a class in your community. 

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1st Monday of every month: 6pm-10pm, 7 Faulkner Street, Dorchester, MA, 02122

This group was created to educate & empower women, and help them take their safety & security in their own hands. In a male dominated industry/profession, women can often be intimidated to start, or simply left behind for their male counter parts. SFT hopes that through our hard work and a friendly/healthy environment, we will redefine what it means to “shoot like a girl” and many “like a girl” phrases.

While patriarchy is difficult to disable and is a battle that needs to be fought on many fronts, we wage our war here. Millions of women are victimized globally in the most despicable ways, and I hope we can change that story through our combined efforts. I implore to take leadership positions as our program grows, and spreads through may communities. Please invite your family & friends to join this group, so our work can be more impactful. As they say, many hands make light work! I look forward to connecting with you all & hearing what ideas & training you have in mind 

2nd Monday of every month: 6pm-10pm, 7 Faulkner Street, Dorchester, MA, 02122

Education. Training. Safety. Self Defense. Advocacy. For & By African Americans.

NAAGA Mission Statement- The mission of the National African American Gun Association (NAAGA) is to establish a fellowship by educating on the rich legacy of gun ownership by African Americans, offering training that supports safe gun use for self defense and sportsmanship, and advocating for the inalienable right to self defense for African Americans.

About Us- NAAGA provides a network for all African American firearm owners, gun clubs and outdoor enthusiasts. The goal of the National African American Gun Association is to have every African American introduced to firearm use for home protection, competitive shooting, and outdoor recreational activities. We are a pro 2nd amendment organization focused on the preservation of our community through armed protection and community building.

We welcome people of all religious, social, and racial perspectives. We especially welcome African American members of law enforcement and active / retired military.

3rd Monday of every month: 6pm-10pm, 7 Faulkner Street, Dorchester, MA, 02122

Young Black Boys & Men, this event is for YOU! Let’s change the narrative. Let’s take charge of our own stories. Let us save lives… Spread the word. Help them get there. Knowledge is power & freedom… #IAmMyBrothersKeeper

1st Wednesday of every month: 6pm-10pm, 310 Wilbur Ave, Swansea, MA, 02777

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