SFT Violent Home Invasion Defense (6 Hours) – $200


Salomon Firearms Training


VHID is a 6-hour tactical course conducted in your own home that teaches you the knowledge, skills, & attitude necessary to protect your family, and survive a violent home invasion. Hundreds of thousands of citizens each year are brutally killed, raped, beaten, robbed, burglarized, and victimized in their own home; a place where they & their family are supposed to be safe. VHID is designed specifically to combat & overcome these vicious threats.

VHID consists of Close Quarters Combat (CQC) tactics & SFT-Combatives. Specifically, VHID covers the order of priorities, securing your family, properly clearing your home, family movements/techniques/formations/tactics, cover & concealment, maintaining an element of surprise, setting up a defensive position, using your immediate environment & overall terrain of the area to your advantage, shoot don’t shoot scenarios, operating in low or no light conditions, and emergency medical care. SFT plays the role of an Opposing Force (OPFOR) that invades your home, then the roles are reversed, to give you the most realistic experience and insight to protecting your home & loved ones. Students can use their own firearms or can select from our large inventory, but this is NOT a live-fire course.


Prerequisites – NRA PPOTH or Equivalent Training


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