SFT Basic Shotgun Shooting (BSS)

From: $175.00

28 GA Pump Shotgun


BSS is a 8 hour comprehensive overview of the variety of shotguns that exist, teaching the knowledge, skills, & attitude necessary for safe & proper use of shotguns. Students learn rules & procedures for safe gun handling, shotgun parts & operations, loading & unloading, stoppages & malfunctions, assembly & disassembly, shot shell components, shot size (birdshot, buckshot, slug), gauge & length, gun cleaning, shooting fundamentals (stance, form, hold point, mount, see target, swing, pull trigger, follow through), choke tubes (full, modified, improved cylinder), shot patterns, patterning a shotgun, range rules & layouts, range commands, trap & skeet course of fire, shooting moving/straight/angled targets.

Shotguns included in this training are hinge, pump, & semi-automatic action.

Course includes gun rentals, ammunition, eye & ear protection, targets, and live fire at the range.


Prerequisites – None