SFT Tactical Shooting (TS)

From: $250.00

Salomon Firearms Training


TS is an 8-hour military-grade course that consists of CQC tactics & Combatives, in a live-fire shoot house. TS covers how to properly clear a building, team movements/techniques/formations, cover & concealment, the element of surprise, the force on force, use of chemical munitions & distraction devices, radio communications & proper etiquette, ambushing & pushing through an ambush, tactically using a vehicle in combat, shoot don’t shoot scenarios, setting up a defensive position, emergency medical care, and operating in low or no light conditions. Students must bring at least 300 rounds or purchase some from SFT, to get the full value of the course. Students can bring their own firearms from home, or may select from our large inventory.


Prerequisites – NRA HFS, NRA BPS, NRA BRS or Equivalent Training