SFT Self-Defense Inside The Home (SDITH)

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SDITH is for intermediate shooters who have mastered basic firearm safety rules & pistol handling skills. Course teaches the safe & efficient use of handguns in protection of self and family, and provides legal information on citizens’ rights to self-defense (Castle Doctrine vs. Duty to Retreat).

SDITH discusses responsible & ethical use of deadly force when facing imminent life threatening situations, mental/emotional preparation & self-awareness, training for stress & realistic physical encounters, never give up mindset, cover & concealment, responding to & confronting a violent intruder/assailant, emotional/legal aftermath, strategies for home safety, defensive shooting skills & accuracy, psychological reactions (fight, flight, freeze, posture, submit), physiological reactions (loss of fine motor skills, tunnel vision, auditory exclusion, time dilation, adrenaline rush). Students shoot 150 rounds.

Course includes gun rentals, eye & ear protection, targets, and live fire at the range.


Prerequisites – SFT Basic Pistol Shooting (BPS)