SFT Advance Double Barrel Shotgun Shooting – 12 GA

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picture of SFT Advance Double Barrel Shotgun


ADBSS is a 3 hour private lesson for shooters who excel at firing tight consistent shot groups center mass, have experience shooting larger pistol calibers, and begin to operate at a high skill level. Course challenges shooters by focusing on precision shooting of a variety of targets, increasing the distance of targets, increasing the rate of fire, and by running shooting drills of different combat scenarios.

Students practice giving verbal commands, engaging multiple targets at once, hip fire, hostage targets, aimed & point shooting, body armor drill. ADBSS consists of one 12 GA over & under / side by side break action shotgun, eye & ear protection, and targets. Students must bring 300 rounds of ammo or purchase ammo from SFT.


Prerequisites – SFT Intermediate Double Barrel Shotgun Shooting (INDBSS)