SFT Self-Defense Outside The Home (SDOTH)

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SDOTH is a 16 hour two day course for shooters who possess defensive pistol skills. SDOTH informs citizens on the safe, responsible, & ethical use of a concealed handgun for self-defense outside, in protection of self/family/friend/stranger. Course provides legal information on the lawful use of deadly force when facing imminent life-threatening situations, and exercising mature & legal judgement (Stand Your Ground vs. Duty To Retreat).

SDOTH teaches avoiding dangerous confrontations, mental preparation & levels of awareness, hard vs. soft target, principles of carrying concealed (concealment, access, retention, comfort), different types of holsters/purses/vests/jackets & their levels of retention, pros/cons of holsters & their positioning, techniques for controlling & responding to a perilous encounter outside the home, holding a violent attacker at gun point, what to do if you must shoot, emotional/legal aftermath of a defensive shooting (civil vs. criminal vs. social consequences).

Students drill advanced shooting techniques/skills of, safely drawing/presenting a loaded concealed handgun & reholstering, speed & tactical reloading, clearing stoppages & malfunctions, shooting from standing/kneeling/squatting positions, engaging 2 targets, shooting strong hand only, point shooting, shooting from the hip, shooting behind or moving to low/high barricades, turning left/right 90/180 degrees to target & shooting, shooting moving forward/rearward. Students shoot 300 rounds.

Course includes gun rentals, holsters, magazine pouches/holders, eye & ear protection, targets, and live fire at the range.


Prerequisites – SFT Self-Defense Inside The Home (SDITH)