Pepper Gel Flip Top Starter Kit, w/ Key Ring (Black)


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State laws prohibit shipment of this model to AK, DC, HI, MA, & NY. Please pick up your purchase in person at our store with a valid government ID. Must be at least 18 years old to purchase.

The pepper gel delivery format provides greater containment of spray, virtually eliminating wind blow-back, reducing the possibility of self-contamination. Pepper gel does not atomize in the air, meaning it only affects what it directly contacts. It’s safe to use indoors, as it won’t spread through HVAC systems and is designed not to affect innocent bystanders in the immediate area. Gel offers a 20% greater range than traditional pepper spray stream. This model contains 0.54 oz. and a spray range of 12 ft./4m, for protection at a safer/greater distance. It contains approximately 25 shots (up to 5x more than other brands), in a compact key case with finger grips for enhanced aim, control, and product retention. This model also contains UV dye that helps identify suspects after they have been contaminated and try to flee the scene.

Ergonomic Flip Top Retention: Flip top design is perfect for those who feel like they need more control over their pepper spray. Just flip the top up and press down on the button underneath to deploy pepper gel. This feature lets you deploy quickly and easily, while the flip-top safety mechanism prevents accidental discharge, providing enhanced safety. This model is much easier to deploy than other units, requiring less pressure to dispense the gel. It is popular among, and ideal for seniors.

Key Ring: A bonus key ring is included on the canister, for easy attachment to your set of keys. Be sure to have your pepper spray in hand, when walking to your car/house in dark secluded areas such as an alleyway, parking garage, or an empty parking lot late at night.

Practice Spray (Blue): Training with the blue practice spray before encountering a real life-threatening situation, will have you much better prepared to defend yourself, and ensure your personal safety. Using the practice spray first will boost your confidence, improve your accuracy, and maximize your ability to protect yourself and your family. The blue practice canister is shaped exactly like its live unit counterpart, to ensure you develop proper muscle memory, and to help get you comfortable with the retention process. NOTE: THE BLUE PRACTICE SPRAY IS FOR TRAINING ONLY, AND SHOULD NOT BE — USED FOR REAL LIFE-THREATENING, SELF-DEFENSE SITUATIONS. THERE IS NO OLEORESIN CAPSICUM, CAPSAISINOIDS, RED PEPPER, OR ANY KIND OF PEPPER IRRITANT INCLUDED IN THE BLUE PRACTICE CANISTER. THE BLUE PRACTICE SPRAY IS AN INERT, INACTIVE, WATER CARTRIDGE.


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