What is SFT-Combatives (SFT-C)?

SFT Combatives is our hand-to-hand combat program inspired by the Army’s own MACP program, developed from extensive experience on the modern day battlefield. SFT-C bridges together martial arts training, firearms training, pepper spray training, & military CQC tactics. It’s truly a unique program because it consists of realistic training designed simply for survival in a life or death fight, weaving together disciplines that are usually studied & mastered separately.

Relative to MMA, SFT-C incorporates various martial arts concentrations, controlling the distance/pace/angle/level in a fight & continuously flowing through them, weapon retention/presentation, closing the distance, disarming, ground grappling, engaging multiple attackers, knife fighting, rifle fighting, & calisthenics. By fusing elements of different fighting styles, SFT-C molds the ultimate warrior.

Our program is rich in military heritage, and its ultimate purpose is to instill the courage & willingness to close the distance with the enemy. So if you are serious about enhancing your life through growth on & off the mats, willing to challenge yourself physically, mentally, & emotionally; our program is right for you. *Price per session NOT person, 2 people for $80*

Why does SFT-C focus a lot on grappling?

Almost all fights end up on the ground, so it is imperative to know how to handle yourself accordingly. Like all things in life, you must build from the ground up. Grappling gives smaller fighters the ability to overcome opponents physically bigger & stronger. Striking with a larger opponent is very dangerous for a smaller fighter, so it is advantageous to take the fight to the ground, where you can neutralize their strength & size. Once on the ground, leverage & technique can be used to control & submit the larger opponent. It has been proven time and time again, that if you can’t fight on the ground, then you can’t fight at all. People often have the misconception that a fight is over once someone falls on the ground. But in fact, the fight has just begun.

Why do you sometimes train in a military uniform and BJJ gi?

Training in different attire gets you to think outside the box, and understand that you can use anything to your advantage, even your opponent’s clothing. Different attire serve as a teaching tool for developing strong grips, balance, and control. Fighting in the various uniforms develops attention to detail and precision, two things essential in hand-to-hand combat. There are different grips, strategies, and moves possible when dressed in certain types clothing, so you come to learn how to maximize your resources.

Is SFT-C effective in general & against other styles of martial arts?

Throughout MMA history, no-rules challenge matches, and to this day, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has consistently proved its dominance. Evidence of this can be found in the early 1993 era of the UFC where the Gracie family & other Jiu-Jitsu fighters challenged, dominated, and defeated the world’s best fighters. Royce Gracie in particular, represented the Gracie family where he conquered fighters across various martial art disciplines & much higher weight classes, to win numerous UFC Championships. SFT-C combines the formidability of BJJ with firearms training, pepper spray training, military CQC tactics, and other martial art disciplines.

By weaving these different crafts together, SFT-C creates fighters that can adapt to & overcome various dangers, and defeat numerous opponents at a time. SFT-C is about creating a wide variety of options available in your fighter’s toolbox. You do not get to pick who your next opponent is or what dangerous weapons they may have on them, so you must be prepared to handle anything. Even the best martial artists can’t dodge bullets, & most incidents happen within 21 feet. So don’t limit yourself to 1 form/style of fighting, or 1 range of combat. The battlefield is fluid, & a warrior must be prepared for all ranges of combat, & all degrees of force.

What martial art disciplines are included in SFT-C?

We cover Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).

Are there physical fitness benefits to SFT-C?

SFT-C is one of the best workouts you will ever have in your life. Not only are you learning how to defend yourself, but you are getting in great shape in the process. SFT-C improves strength, cardio, endurance, balance, confidence, hand & eye coordination, pain tolerance, and many more mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

Does SFT-C have a belt system?

No, we do not have a belt system. Our hand-to-hand combat program is not a sport. It is a self-defense system designed simply for survival, during the fight for your life. We leave belts, colors, and point systems to others. We do however, ceremoniously recognize those who excel in the craft, and embody the values of self-growth, discipline, and community.

What are your age requirement limits?

While we officially start training students at 13 years old, we understand that children grow at different rates. Children often have different attitudes, behavior, and maturity levels, even if they are of the same age. So we inform parents that the child has to be mature enough to follow instructions when given. We are here to train, not baby sit. So if your child is able to follow directions, we will happily accept them. Lastly, it is never too late to start something new. There is no such thing as “too old”. There are many practitioners around the world that are in their 70’s, still training. Martial arts is a journey and life long pursuit, not a destination.


Bring family, friends, & co-workers to get more value out of your class. Get a group of 10 or more and we’ll hold a private course at your location, at no extra cost (work place, school, church, parties, event hall, clubs). Women only courses also available. *Military/EMT/Fire = 15% off*  

$80/2 Hours, for 2 people