SABRE RED Pepper Sprays (SRPS)

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Salomon Firearms Training


SRPS is part of SABRE’s Civilian Safety Awareness/College Safety program. SRDS covers various methods to maintain your personal safety in & outside your home, levels of awareness, detecting & avoiding dangerous encounters with violent criminals, how to discourage dangerous threats, use of SABRE’s pepper sprays & numerous other products developed to maximize personal safety. This is a great course for those who are not yet ready to use a firearm & want protection at a safe distance or want to supplement their current use of force options & strategies.

SRDS specifically teaches how to properly aim & deploy OC, effects of OC spray, patterns of movement, spray types & patterns, formulations, criteria for selection, MA laws of self-defense, ethical use, & proper storage. The course can be tailored specifically for the college campus lifestyle/environment where teens are especially vulnerable & face unique hazardous situations. Our world is increasingly growing volatile; don’t be the next victim you see on the news. Take charge of your safety, and discover how to control & negotiate dangerous situations. “Be Smart- Be Ready- Be Safe!”’


Prerequisites – None