SFT-Combatives – Introduction

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Salomon Firearms Training


SFT-Combatives is the 8-hour introduction to our hand-to-hand combat program, deeply inspired by the Army’s own MACP program, developed from extensive experience on the modern day battlefield. SFT-C bridges together Mixed Martial Arts training (MMA), firearms training, pepper spray training, Electronic Immobilization Devices (Stun Guns & Tasers), & military CQC tactics. SFT-C is truly a unique program because it’s rich in military heritage and principles, comprehensive and thorough, consists only of realistic training designed simply for survival, and weaves together many disciplines that are usually studied & mastered separately.

Relative to MMA, SFT-C incorporates various martial arts concentrations, controlling the distance in a fight, weapon retention & presentation, striking, clinching, ground grappling, engaging multiple attackers, knife fighting, tactical maneuvers, calisthenics, and outdoor exercises. By fusing elements of different fighting styles, SFT-C molds the ultimate warrior.

The ultimate purpose of SFT-C is to instill the personal courage to close the distance with the enemy and finish the fight; when no other options to avoid or deescalate a violent attack are available. So if you are serious about enhancing your life through growth on & off the mats, willing to challenge yourself mentally, physically, & emotionally; our program is right for you.


Prerequisite – High level of motivation!