SFT Range Safety Officer (RSO)

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762 Bolt


RSO is a 8 hour course for experienced shooters who want to become a firearms instructor, work at a range/gun store/club, or manage shooting sports events. RSO candidates will develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to organizing, conducting, and supervising safe shooting activities, events, & range operations.

The course covers intensely, the roles & responsibilities of an RSO, the purpose of range SOPs & their content, general range safety rules, administrative rules, procedures for inspecting indoor & outdoor ranges, conducting a range safety briefing & its content, range layouts & limits, range commands, emergency procedures, command presence, leadership skills/traits, aiding shooters with firearm stoppages & malfunctions.

RSO credentials are critical because oftentimes shooters are restricted from outdoor ranges without having an RSO present. Being an RSO negates that obstacle & also serves as bargaining chips when negotiating with ranges for use of their facilities, for teaching classes. Lastly, RSO makes a great addition to your resume, highlighting your maturity, leadership, and management skills. *Competence, safety-oriented mind & attitude, supplemented with deep attention to detail are the foundations of this course.*


Prerequisites – Mastery of firearm safety rules, and safe gun handling skills.