SFT Basic Double Barrel Shotgun Shooting – 28 GA

From: $100.00



BDBSS is a 2 hour private lesson for new shooters needing to establish proficiency, accuracy, competency, and looking to purchase their first firearm for self-defense. Students experience various makes and models to figure out their preferences and establish a good fit. BDBSS focuses on the 5 fundamentals of shotgun shooting and consists of two 28 GA over & under / side by side break action shotguns, 25 rounds of ammunition, eye & ear protection, and targets.

BDBSS is great for novice shooters, fun with family/friends/coworkers, birthday celebrations, date nights, corporate events, team building, surprises/gifts, bachelor/ette parties.


Prerequisites – SFT Intro Double Barrel Shotgun Shooting (IDBSS) or Equivalent Training