SABRE RED Law Enforcement Aerosol Projectors

From: $200.00

SLEAP is a 8 hour course that educates Military, Law Enforcement, and Security Personnel legally authorized to use force, how to properly & effectively store, handle, deploy, and document the use of SABRE RED’s Intermediate Aerosol Weapons. Specifically, it covers in detail the history, purpose, composition of raw Oleoresin Capsicum (OC), production, effects on the human body, wide range of different aerosol formulations, carriers, projectors, propellants, spray types, patterns, and delivery systems.

Course discusses the criteria for selection, transporting,  holstering/placement, aiming, hydraulic needle effect, deployment techniques, patterns of movement, public safety, ethical use, when to use OC/situational requirements, possible medical issues & legal liability factors, decontamination/first- aid, intergraded use of force options, compatibility with other intermediate weapons such as an electro muscular incapacitation device (TASER), reporting use of force, how to protect your department/agency from costly litigation issues arising from the use of aerosol projectors, sample policy & procedures, training with inert products, contamination drills, officer contamination survival tactics, & equipment security techniques . *Be advised, students MUST participate in live contamination exercise to receive certificate.*

Prerequisites – Military, Law Enforcement, & Security Personnel