NRA Personal Protection In The Home (PPITH)

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PPITH is an 8 hour course for experienced shooters who have mastered basic firearm safety rules & pistol handling skills. Course teaches the safe & efficient use of handguns in protection of self/family, and provides legal information on citizens’ rights to self-defense (stand your ground & duty to retreat). PPITH discusses responsible & ethical use of deadly force when facing imminent life threatening situations, mental/emotional preparation & self-awareness, training for stress & realistic physical encounters, never give up mindset, cover & concealment, responding to & confronting a violent intruder/assailant, emotional/legal aftermath, strategies for home safety, defensive shooting skills & accuracy, psychological reactions (fight, flight, freeze, posture, submit), physiological reactions (loss of fine motor skills, tunnel vision, auditory exclusion, time dilation, adrenaline rush). Students shoot 100 rounds.

Prerequisites – NRA BPS

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