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Open hours: Wed - Mon 9:00am - 10:00pm

Overwatch Security, LLC is also founded by Pierre Salomon, to address the dire need in the security industry: professional, well-trained, and reliable security officers with real world experience.

Overwatch Security (OS) provides premiere Unarmed, Armed, Military Grade/Executive Protection, Transportation, Travel, & Consulting services; to individuals, groups, small businesses, large corporate entities, universities, foreign dignitaries, local politicians, celebrities, and athletes. OS accepts all details; whether emergency based, special event based, on call, part-time, full-time, weekends, or overnight. As the old clichéd saying goes, “no job too big or too small”. We’ll cover your detail whether it’s a small corner store/gas station, high end retail store, construction site, multi building corporate complex, or a VIP in need of serious transportation & travel security services. We provide both a wide variety of uniformed & covert security officers, as well as marked & unmarked security vehicles.

SERVICES PROVIDED: Armed guards qualified in primary & secondary weapon systems (Rifles & Pistols), Armed Escorts, Building Management (Access control & Surveillance), Vehicle & Foot patrols, Transportation (Airport pick up & drop off), Travel Security (In & Outside the USA), and Consultation (Security risk assessments).

DETAILS of services:

ARMED ESCORTS: Provided in any attire desired to protect the client from specific security threats on foot or via vehicle convoy, accompany client throughout their normal daily routines, special events, commercial bank runs/cash deposits, & high risk employee terminations/layoffs.

BUILDING MANAGEMENT: Maintain access, egress, & traffic/parking lot control. Operate & monitor walk through metal detectors, x-ray machines, handheld magnetometers. Ensure staff, tenants, and visitors comply with all rules, regulations, and procedures established & set forth by management. Monitor surveillance and communication systems such as security video cameras & multiple radio frequencies for emergency alarms, requests for assistance from Security/LE/Fire/EMS personnel. Conduct & document camera sweeps, patrols, daily shift reports, & incident reports as necessary. Qualified security officer working the command center will determine the nature, priority, location of incident and dispatch appropriate units to investigate reported criminal acts & civil complaints, question, search, and detain as necessary. HQ will maintain communication, status, and location with all units responding to an incident or on an assignment.

PATROLS: Interior & exterior roving patrols provided by foot or vehicles, are used to guard personnel, property, equipment, and funds. New/modern vehicles with state of the art equipment are used to patrol the estate and surrounding areas of the property. Mobile Patrols can be conducted by highly visible marked vehicles, or vehicles can be unmarked when a low profile & discretion is desired. Vehicle patrols can also be used to supplement/reinforce foot patrols, & decrease incident response times. Security patrols vary both in time & route in order to maintain the element of surprise, and deter any potential criminals/threats.

Unarmed Security

A basic level of support, our guards will ensure order and safety at your location. We are always professional.

Armed Security

Whether you are protecting valuable people, goods, or property, let us send you our finest. Our guards are trained to the highest degree, in order to ensure your safety & security.


For the VIP occasion, we will provide you with our very best, military/LE trained personnel.


Unsure of your security needs at your business, organization, or home? Contact us today for a consultation to ensure your assets are properly protected. Think of us for all your security needs.

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